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U TURN – a film for campaigners, decision makers and consumers.

U TURN – a film for campaigners, decision makers and consumers.

It is a success story that completes the circle of a 13 year campaign to end GMO5 in food and feed. In 2005 Romania was growing only GMO soy, while the biotech industry had control over the country at all levels: politicians, scientific community and farmers associations. Some of them had been threatening GMO campaigners with violence. Today they have changed their minds in front of an increasing GMO-free market demand. The former country manager of Monsanto is today the country manager of Danube Soya, to promote sustained GMO-free soya bean cultivation in Europe. The movie is an uplifting sample of success for campaigners all over the world showing that the biotech industry can be defeated and the darkest minds can be shifted. If a whole country can get decontaminated and a Monsanto manager can be converted then positive change is possible.

By Gabriel Paun, Agent Green, Dragos Dima

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