If you use the bear,
give back to the bear.

If you are a brand that uses bears in your logo, your name, your ads,
or product design, then you owe to give back a little by paying the bear right!

Here is why:

In Romania, wildlife is highly persecuted.

While only 1% of the country’s surface is spared
from human intervention.

of Romania is strictly protected

And although hunting bears is illegal, thanks to EU nature laws, Romania always finds ways to grant license to kill bears. But even the country has never implemented the approved plan to ensure proper coexistence and coadaptation measures to mitigate the conflict between humans and bears.

We need to put an end to bear killing!

At Agent Green we are dedicated to protecting and saving the life of Romanian bears, so we’re asking for your help.

The money raised by this campaign will grant license to live to many magnificent beings,
as we will be able to build a Carpathian bear sanctuary to satisfy all bare necessities for the rest of their lives in dignity.
Those with potential will be rehabilitated and prepared to return into the wild.
We will run educational programs too and will also work to determine authorities to take the necessary measures to ensure that bears and humans will, in a better future, coexist in harmony.

Pay the right to make it right!

Finance our kind mission.

How can you help?

With direct or in-kind funding.
Just contact us to explore the options and get the bear right started before it’s not too late.